Your Bond is Precious

This team lives to protect it.


Focused. Talented. Collaborative. The team will find here cares about one thing: protecting the love you share with your pet. Meet them below.

Our Team

Dr. Stacy Davidson

Hi, I’m Dr. Stacy Davidson. I grew up in a small town in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Animal Science and then my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. I always knew I wanted to
be a vet and it’s been a lifelong dream to be the vet for a small town. I appreciate the warm welcome my family and I have received in Ennis and West Yellowstone. It is my goal to serve the veterinary needs of these communities as best I can.

My family includes my husband Bob and two daughters Scarlett and Charlie as well as many, many pets. (dogs/cats/rabbits/sheep and soon to be goats and a horse)

Linda Dombrowsky

Certified Veterinary Technician

My name is Linda Dombrowsky. I am currently a Certified Veterinary Technician. Studied Animal Health Technology and became licensed in the state of California. I grew up in San Diego, Ca., moved to Montana in 2000 and made it my home. I have two daughters, one lives in Missoula and the other in New Mexico. My husband and I enjoy horses together and raised Paints for many years. I currently raise AKC Yorkshire Terriers.

Bob Davidson

I’m Bob, the EVH & WYVH Practice Manager. Originally from Washington state, I met Dr. Stacy at MSU while earning my BS in Animal and Dairy Science. In my youth I worked at multiple veterinary hospitals and I have had an interest in caring for and serving the needs of pets and farm animals. I worked as a milk hand at the MSU Dairy and now I’d love to find a nice Jersey cow or two for fresh milk at home. I also am a beekeeper and I look forward to learning the ins and outs of Montana style beekeeping. I have two hives and my fingers are crossed they will both overwinter.

My professional background includes ownership of a commercial equipment finance company and being the Communications Manager & Scholarship Coordinator at the University of South Carolina in Beaufort, SC.

The love of my life is Dr. Stacy Davidson and I’m so lucky to have my two daughters Scarlett and Charlie. I’m also grateful for the hospitality of Ennis and West Yellowstone. I hope we can add to the community for many years to come.

Maddy Hagl

Hi, my name is Maddy Hagl. I have been working with EVH since May, and I enjoy it so much!. I grew up on a small family farm here in Ennis raising goats, a cow, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, cats, occasionally sheep, and eventually horses. I also have a handful of “exotic” pets; 2 turtles and 2 geckos. I participated and showed goats and pigs for 11 years through the local 4-H program. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to be working with Dr. Stacy Davidson this summer before I go to Dillion this fall to get my vet tech degree.

Kathleen Philpott

Groomer, Assistant, and Receptionist

Hi I’m Kathleen Philpott. I’m a groomer, assistant, and receptionist. I’m a lifetime resident of Ennis and graduated from Ennis High School in 2013. I’ve been working in the clinic since 2014. My fiance Josh and I live here with our son Lucas, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Taylre Sitz

My name is Taylre Sitz, and I have the pleasure of working for Ennis Veterinary Hospital this summer. I was born and raised here in Southwest Montana and attended Ennis Schools. Growing up, I had the fortuitous opportunity of working on both my grandfather’s commercial cattle ranch as well as my father’s Angus seedstock operation. Agriculture gave me a great appreciation for all creatures great and small, and we had a wide variety of such creatures on the ranch including a flock of sheep, chickens, horses, geese, cats, and dogs. I was a ten year 4-H member. After high school graduation, I earned my Bachelors degree in Animal Science and minor in Business Administration from Montana State University. I was recently accepted into the WIMU veterinary program and will start my first year of veterinary school in Bozeman, Montana and will finish up the last three years in Pullman, Washington. I am learning a lot from Dr. Stacy, Linda, Katie, and Mady, and I am excited to apply my newfound knowledge at school this fall.

Scarlett & Charlie Davidson

Hi, we are the Meet ‘N Greet team at Ennis Veterinary Hospital. Our names are Scarlett and Charlie and you’ll find us most days in or around the clinic. We love to meet and greet everyone who comes by and play with all the friendly dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Eventually we plan on moving up to kennel work, dog walking and eventually assisting our mom, Dr. Stacy Davidson.

Cookie, Mouser, Peggy Sue

Meow, we are the Davidson’s three cats: Cookie, Mouser & Peggy Sue. Most of you can easily recognize Cookie the black clinic cat. Cookie is certified “The World’s Friendliest Cat” and multiple people each day offer to take Cookie home with them. Thank you kindly but I enjoy my life meeting all the people and their pets in Ennis.

Mouser is an essential part of the team, guarding all the pet food in the hospital. Mouser is, of course, the mouser cat in the clinic and her job is keeping the mice population of the clinic at zero. She is happy to stay far away from the public eye and only lets the Meet ‘N Greet team of Scarlett and Charlie pet her.

Peggy Sue is the Davidson’s house cat. She was dropped off at the clinic on the very first day Bob and Stacy took over, immediately falling in love with the town’s newest family. The Davidsons adopted Peggy Sue after no once came forward to claim her and has been a loving house cat ever since.

Connie Cusick


I am Connie Cusick. I have lived in West Yellowstone for 37 years. I
taught middle school and high school Science for 30 years-29 of those years
were here in West. I enjoy many outdoor activities including skiing,
hiking, mountain bike riding, flat water kayaking and fishing. I have a
Goldendoodle named Henry, a Golden Retriever mix named Donner and a Maine
Coon Cat named Rocky.