Meow, we are the Davidson’s three cats: Cookie, Mouser & Peggy Sue. Most of you can easily recognize Cookie the black clinic cat. Cookie is certified “The World’s Friendliest Cat” and multiple people each day offer to take Cookie home with them. Thank you kindly but I enjoy my life meeting all the people and their pets in Ennis.

Mouser is an essential part of the team, guarding all the pet food in the hospital. Mouser is, of course, the mouser cat in the clinic and her job is keeping the mice population of the clinic at zero. She is happy to stay far away from the public eye and only lets the Meet ‘N Greet team of Scarlett and Charlie pet her.

Peggy Sue is the Davidson’s house cat. She was dropped off at the clinic on the very first day Bob and Stacy took over, immediately falling in love with the town’s newest family. The Davidsons adopted Peggy Sue after no once came forward to claim her and has been a loving house cat ever since.