I’m Bob, the EVH & WYVH Practice Manager. Originally from Washington state, I met Dr. Stacy at MSU while earning my BS in Animal and Dairy Science. In my youth I worked at multiple veterinary hospitals and I have had an interest in caring for and serving the needs of pets and farm animals. I worked as a milk hand at the MSU Dairy and now I’d love to find a nice Jersey cow or two for fresh milk at home. I also am a beekeeper and I look forward to learning the ins and outs of Montana style beekeeping. I have two hives and my fingers are crossed they will both overwinter.

My professional background includes ownership of a commercial equipment finance company and being the Communications Manager & Scholarship Coordinator at the University of South Carolina in Beaufort, SC.

The love of my life is Dr. Stacy Davidson and I’m so lucky to have my two daughters Scarlett and Charlie. I’m also grateful for the hospitality of Ennis and West Yellowstone. I hope we can add to the community for many years to come.