Dr. Stacy Davidson

Hi, I’m Dr. Stacy Davidson. I grew up in a small town in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Animal Science and then my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. I always knew I wanted to be a vet and it’s been a lifelong dream to be the vet for [...]

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Dr. Bruce Chambers

I grew up in Leavenworth, Kansas and graduated Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987.  My veterinary career has been mostly in small animal practice with special interests in Orthopedics and Canine Reproduction.  In my spare times I enjoy spending time with my three sons and their families, plus hunting, fishing and riding [...]

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Linda Dombrowsky

My name is Linda Dombrowsky. I am currently a Certified Veterinary Technician. Studied Animal Health Technology and became licensed in the state of California. I grew up in San Diego, Ca., moved to Montana in 2000 and made it my home. I have two daughters, one lives in Missoula and the other in New Mexico. [...]

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Bob Davidson

I’m Bob, the EVH & WYVH Practice Manager. Originally from Washington state, I met Dr. Stacy at MSU while earning my BS in Animal and Dairy Science. In my youth I worked at multiple veterinary hospitals and I have had an interest in caring for and serving the needs of pets and farm animals. I [...]

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Taylre Sitz

My name is Taylre Sitz, and I have the pleasure of working for Ennis Veterinary Hospital for my second summer. I was born and raised here in Southwest Montana and attended Ennis Schools. Growing up, I had the fortuitous opportunity of working on both my grandfather’s commercial cattle ranch as well as my father’s Angus [...]

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Scarlett & Charlie Davidson

Hi, we are the Meet ‘N Greet team at Ennis Veterinary Hospital. Our names are Scarlett and Charlie and you’ll find us most days in or around the clinic. We love to meet and greet everyone who comes by and play with all the friendly dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Eventually we plan on moving [...]

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Cookie, Mouser, Peggy Sue

Meow, we are the Davidson’s three cats: Cookie, Mouser & Peggy Sue. Most of you can easily recognize Cookie the black clinic cat. Cookie is certified “The World’s Friendliest Cat” and multiple people each day offer to take Cookie home with them. Thank you kindly but I enjoy my life meeting all the people and [...]

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Amanda Britt

My name is Amanda, I have been a Montana resident for three years now. I have the pleasure of working at our West Yellowstone location for the Ennis Veterinary Hospital. I am originally from Northern California, where my family had a small farm. My boyfriend and I live in West Yellowstone, we have a cat [...]

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DC Ahlert

Hi Everyone, my name is DC Ahlert and I am so honored to be working with Dr. Stacy, Bob and the incredible Team here at Ennis Veterinary Hospital. I moved to here Montana back at the end of September 2019 and have loved every minute. I grew up in Orlando, Florida where I worked for [...]

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Jamie Morton

Hi Everyone! My name is Jamie Morton. I became a full-time resident of Ennis in September 2016. I am so excited to be working with the great people here at Ennis Veterinary Hospital. It is a wonderful life change after teaching Middle School Math and Science for 17 years! I am the proud Mom of [...]

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